Consulting Services in Civil and Structural Engineering

LYASA S.A. is a consultant engineering firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina, established in 1969 and dedicated to the design, calculation and inspection of civil and structural works.

The firm, which has a strong specialization in Civil Engineering jobs, has worked on the project and supervision of large structures for buildings of all kinds, bridges, industrial construction, stadiums, silos, harbors, navigation locks, etc.


Structures for Buildings
and Architectural Works


New Building for the Argentine National Bank

La Nación Building

Galicia Bank Building

Catalinas Plaza Tower

Bouchard Plaza Tower

La Buenos Aires Building

Catalinas Norte Building

Pirelli Building

Educational and Art

The Blue Whale

University of Buenos Aires - School of Economics

San Luis University Campus

National University of La Rioja


Intercontinental Hotel & Casino Mendoza

Sheraton Hotel Mendoza

Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort

Meliá Hotel Buenos Aires

Emperador Hotel

Sheraton Hotel Pilar

South Convention Center

Sheraton Hotel Buenos Aires

Libertador Hotel


Bicentennial Hospitals

Elizalde Hospital

Medical Institute Finochietto

Parking lots

Underground Parking for Transport Regulation near the Presidental Building

Plaza Libertad Parking Underground

Plaza Houssay Parking Underground

Residence Buildings

Olimpic Village

Riverview Buildings

2120 Ayacucho St. - Posadas

Unimev III - Mendoza


Rosario Shopping Mall

Chateau Carreras Stadium

Catamarca Airport


New Hangar 5 for Large Airplanes and Auxiliary Buildings

Potable Water Plant in Tigre

Petroquímica Cuyo - Addition

Soybean Storage Silo for Cargill


Papelera del Plata S.A.

Silarsa S.A. - Plant for the production of Metallic Silicates

C. Campolonghi S.A.

GTE Sylvania S.A. - Glass Factory Plant

Petroquímica Cuyo - Polypropylene Plant

Induclor S.M. - Off-Site Plant

Petropol S.M.

Aluar - Aluminum Plant

Bridges and

Paseo del Bajo

Bridges Over the Morón Creek

Bridge Over the Capayan River

Nicolás Avellaneda Bridge

Northern Access to Buenos Aires (Autopista del Sol)

Bridges Over the Negro River

Bridge Over the Pescado River

Bridge Over the Loro Huasi River

Bridge on the Setubal River

Bridges on the #12 Highway

Bridge Over the Grande River

General Urquiza Railroad

Rosario (Santa Fe Province) - Southern Access To The Port

Highway #55 (Section El Arenal-Rosario de la Frontera)

Papelera del Plata - Zárate Plant

Interprovince Highway in Río Negro Province

National #16 Highway (section El Quebrachal - Coronel Olleros)

Petropol S.M.

Off-Site (Induclor S.M.)

Ports and
Hydraulic Works

Cargill Grain Elevator in Ing. White

Shell Capsa Oil Refinery in Dock Sud - Mooring Facilities

Punta del Este Harbor Expansion

Water Intake Works for the City of Parana

San Antonio Este Harbor

Montevideo Harbor Expansion

El Tránsito Grain Loading Facilities

Navigation Locks on the Salto Grande Dam

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